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Welcome to your AviationKnowledge Site. This site aims to provide a learning base where aviation users1 can post occurrences2 they have experienced or observed, get advice about those incidents, as well as provide comments and solutions to other users.

  • Post an occurrence. AviationKnowledge offers a platform for reporting occurrences in an unofficial manner in order to inform other users or seek support from them. The system allows for anonymous posting without the need to become a member neither of this site nor of Wikidot.com3. ( More >> )
  • Support. AviationKnowledge also allows for the site to be a learning platform for users reporting an occurrence. That is, you can provide tips, create lessons or elaborate standard operating procedures for a safer and more efficient aviation system.
  • Learning. The knowledge base provides information of general interest. Good quality articles will be progressed through a peer-review process and be formally published (see Journal). This way, they become reliable references on their own for the benefit of all. ( More >> )

The site has been created and is managed by JDPerezgonzalez, nowadays at the School of Aviation at Massey University (New Zealand).

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