Preventitive measures of Threat

Threat is defined as

“ event or error that occurs outside the influence of the fight crew, but which requires crew attention and management if safety margins are to be maintained.”

Error is defined as

"action or inaction that leads to a deviation from crew or organizational intentions or expectations.”

Sources of threat in aviation: 2/3 are environmental threat i.e ATC, Terrain, ATC, weather and 1/3 are ground ramp, dispatch, cabin. The top most threats are weather, ATC and aircraft malfunction. From the reported data on wiki dot, above statement can be verified too. Majority of the posts that are related to the environment are related to weather incidents. Some threats are identified and managed by the pilots with successful outcomes. For example1
Also, there are some posts that shows threats that are identified by the pilots but they fail to manage it. The pilot successfully finishes his flight but the person almost got into trouble.2. If there are threats, identify it and make sure you have some preventive measures to counteract it.
There are numerous posts where threat and error were present. The preventive measures are:

  1. Planning: Operational and any other decisions are shared.
  2. Cross checking and monitoring.
  3. Managing workload: Prioritise important duties and manage it.
  4. Evaluate and make an enquiry: Plan should be evaluated, monitored and changed if required.
Steps to manage threat:
Identify the threat
Assess it
Act on it and monitor
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