How to check in

How to check in at airports?

If you only trave locally, then you just need to go to the check in counters and they will check your luggage in and you can go straight to the gate. In some airports they also have security X-ray points as well that you need to pass.

However, this would be rather different when travelling internationally. Below are the steps that you can followwhen travelling internationally.

** a) Check in counter => b) Custom office => c) Security checkpoint => d) Your gate.**

a) Check in Counter

Be there at least two hours prior to you flights. This is so because you will need to line up on the check in counters, and also to go thru some steps at the airport before you can finally reach your gate.

In some airports, there are self service check in counters. What the machines do is they will give you your boarding pass for the plane. However, you will still need to go to the counter (where there are airport staff working there).

In this check point, you will need to show your passport along with all the requirements to enter the country where you are going to.

In some airports, they will ask you to pay the airport tax at this point.

So to sum up, here are the documents you will need to prepare at check in:
a) Your passport
b) Your booking details
c) The permit to entry the country that you are going to
d) Money to pay airport tax

Once this all done, they will ask you to put your luggage on the scale. Different airline has different standards for maximum weights.

After that, then they will proceed your luggage to be transfered to the plane. Here the video of how your luggage will be processed.

b) Customs Office

In this point, you will need to show the airport authorities your passport, as well as your boarding pass. They will check all the required documents. Once you have clearance, you can go to the next step.

Although you already have your boarding pass from the check in counter, it doesnt mean that you have the clearance from the customs as well, as the customs might reject it. If they did this, you might miss or even sometimes you might also have to cancel your flight.

c) Security Check Point

Here they will check your luggage. You will need to go thru a metal detector door. You are not allowed to bring any liquid more than 100ml. There are other things that are not allowed to be on plane, such as, any form of potential weapons, explosives, and so on.

The video below sums up what are the things that are not allowed to bring on a plane.

d) Go to the gate

The gate number will be on your boarding pass.

Gate is where you will be departing the airport from. In most airports, they have the sign that shows how to go to the gate. You will need to wait untill the attendant calls your seat number to enter the plane. They will again check your boarding pass and passport for the last time.

Have a safe flight. Do not make any jokes about security as the airports authorities will take them seriously and penalties apply.

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