Text formatting (basic)

Text formatting presents the rules, syntax and tips for text presentation that determines how the text should look on site. ( You may be also interested in these related links: Text management, Text editing, Text hyperlinks )

Text formatting in AviationKnowledge should be reduced to a minimum, especially the most disruptive formatting, such as bold, strikethrough, and underlining.
Notwithstanding this, the following rules apply:

  • References within the text should go in italics when they are not part of the text. For example,

"And this is so" (Pearson, 2005).
Pearson (2005) says that…

  • Internet links are formatted as per default (i.e. blue font and underlined text). However, because this is fairly disruptive, internet links within the text should be reduced to a minimum.
    • In principle, links within the text should be made only to sources that provide knowledge that the reader should have prior to reading the text or that he can acquire at that precise moment by following the link (e.g. to a particular model or to specific background knowledge).
    • In all other instances (e.g. when links are to supporting knowledge, knowledge that can be acquired in the future, etc), links should be placed in the "Want to know more?" section instead of within the text.
  • The "References" list at the bottom of the page uses a combination of bold, italics and normal text: bold for authors, italics for titles and normal text for the location of the reference.

ICAO - INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANIZATION (1989). Human factors digest no 1. Fundamental human factors concepts. Circular 216-AN/131. ICAO (Montreal, Canada), 1989.

  • The "Want to know more?" section uses a combination of bold (it could be as an hyperlink) and normal text: bold for identifying the reference and normal text for a brief introduction to what the reference is about.
AviationKnowledge - ICAO Ergonomics
Human Factors and Ergonomics are related concepts, but not necessarily the same. This AviationKnowledge page provides a synopsys of ICAO's Digest number 6, on Ergonomics.
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