The tabs code offer the opportunity to lay out information in a way that is well organised and visually pleasant (as this and related pages show). However, tabs have "hidden" features that prove to be too limiting for AviationKnowlege. For example,

  • It is not possible to access sections in the Table of contents which are not in the first tab.
  • Links to anchors in in text that is not in the first tab, do not work as expected.
  • Wikidot's Print option only works for the first tab. It is possible to print each tab using the browser's Print button but, then, you have to print as many times as tabs in the page.
  • Footnotes and references appear at the bottom of each page for all tabs (sometimes creating some confusion to where that footnote or reference is in the actual tab!)
  • Authors/editors cannot preview changes in tabs other than the first tab. Thus, the only option remaining is to save the page and open the corresponding tab for seeing any changes.
  • Italics seem not to work within tabs.


  • Tabs should not be used in AviationKnowledge pages as their functionality is too restrictive to the site's structure.


  • Tabs can be used when presenting examples. Because they are examples, and, in principle, there is no need to print all of them, above limitations are less important. In fact, tabs can help reduce clutter this way. See this in action here.
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