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AviationKnowledge's knowledge base is a repository of articles dealing with any aspect of aviation. At the moment, there are topics of general interest, investigation topics, and lessons and SOPs.

These articles are authored by members of the site, and not by anonymous users. This allows for a better control of their relevance. Now and again, there is also a "spring cleaning" of pages, which allows for removing less relevant or poor articles. Yet, because AviationKnowledge operates as a wiki, thus allowing members to create new pages and contribute to any article that is available to them, the quality of content varies from article to article. Readers may get a feeling about which articles are reliable and which not, but only those officially published in the AviationKnowledge journal should be considered as reliable (they can also be used as a reference elsewhere).

How to contribute

  • Think of relevant topics. If you have a topic in mind, think first whether it is a topic of relevance to aviation. For example, "black boxes" is highly relevant, but "safety management systems" is less relevant. This is so because most (commercial) aircraft have a black box, but safety management systems are not exclusive to aviation. In the later case, you should be making it "relevant" to aviation, if possible (for example, you could discuss the importance of SMS for managing aviation safety). If a topic is not relevant to aviation (eg bird flight), then it does not pertain to the site.
  • Contribute to articles already in the site. Search for articles that deal with the topic you are interested on. You shouldn't duplicate articles or information which is already in site. Thus, it is a good idea to look at the list of topics or search the site for your topic first. Once you find the topic, you may also find that it says all what you wanted to say and, thus, there is nothing to add to it. Alternatively, you may find that you can contribute further ideas to it and improve its contents. Please, do so. Notice that you should contribute in order to improve the article, but you don't need to be "polite" and respect what is already there if what exists is wrong, misleading or poorly edited. You may change and delete as appropriate.
  • Create new pages. If you don't find the topic in site, then you may create a new page and edit it with your own content, as appropriate. Notice, however, that any other user may contribute to the same topic later on. This is the nature of a wiki.
  • Follow the editing rules for the site. Edit your articles as per the editing rules for this site. These rules provide for a relatively homogeneous layout and user-friendly content.

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