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The forum offers you an opportunity to post your own incidents and examples of airmanship and professionalism (occurrences). Yet, this is not an official reporting system. It offers a platform for reporting occurrences in an unofficial manner in order to inform other users or seek support from them, but do not fulfill any legal obligation you may have regarding reporting incidents and accidents to the respective authorities

The purpose of posting is to provide others in the aviation community with your own experience, either as an example or as a lesson. Thus, its purpose is not just to tell a story, nor simply to report an incident.

Notice that the forum allows for anonymous posting without the need to become a member neither of this site nor of It is recommended that even members of the site report occurrences in an anonymous manner by not logging in or, else, logging off both the site and

Please, do:

  • Post your own experience, not occurrences that you find in textbooks or newspapers. (Posts may be deleted if they do not conform to this.)
  • Post in order to provide an example or draw a lesson, tip or operating procedures that may be helpful to others.
  • Place your post in the correct category and, preferably, give it an informative title. (Posts will be moved in your behalf if they are not in the correct category.)
  • Provide enough detail about the occurrence. However, do not identify yourself or companies. This is a forum for learning, not for making it hard on yourself or others. (Posts may be edited in order to de-identify people or organisations.)
  • Provide a good analysis of the occurrence, if you wish.
  • Draw a lesson, if you wish. If the lesson is a good one, you may even consider to write it in site (under "Lessons, tips and SOPs").

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