Most wanted improvements for aviation

Most wanted improvements proposed by the NTSB1

This is the list of "most wanted improvements" for American aviation wished by the NTSB (20081). Although of American interest, it would surely have positive consequences for aviation, in general.

  • Reduce dangers to aircraft flying in icing conditions:
    • Require safer aircraft design for icing conditions
    • Revise requirements for aircraft certification and aproval for those conditions.
    • Set SOPs for activating deice boots as soon as the airplain encounters icing conditions.
  • Improve runway safety:
    • Install automatic systems to inform pilots of attempted takeoffs from taxiways or wrong runways.
    • Provide immediate warning for collision or incursions to pilots.
    • Require specific ATC clearance for runway crossing.
    • Require landing distance assessment with adequate safety margin.
  • Improve the safety of emergency medical services flights:
    • Conduct all these flights with medical personnel onboard.
    • Develop and implement flight risk evaluation programs.
    • Require formalized dispatch and flight-following procedures.
    • Install terrain awareness and warning systems onboard.
1. NATIONAL TRANSPORT SAFETY BUREAU (2008). Most wanted transportation safety improvements. NTSB, 2008. Retrieved from the NTSB's website on 8 June 2009.

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