Vueling Airlines
Vueling Airlines is a Spanish low-cost airline with its main hub at Barcelona Airport. It is also known as Vueling, and has codes VY (as per IATA), VLG (as per ICAO), and Vueling (as callsign). Vueling Airlines is a fair low-cost airline, holding 3 stars in Skytrax's official ranking (2010a1), although passengers, on average, value it rather poorly (2010b2). They have valued their trips as being poor (4/10), thought it was poor value for money (4/10), and would rather not recommend it (4/10).
200px-Logo_Vueling.JPG 220px-Airbus_A320-214_-_Vueling_-_EC-JPL_-_LEMD.jpg 483122435_a8562f74c2.jpg
(Vueling Airlines' logo -embedded from Wikipedia on 25 April 2010) (Vueling Airlines' livery -embedded from Wikipedia on 25 April 2010) (Vueling Airlines' uniform -embedded from Flickr on 25 April 2010)
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