University/institution offering a Bacholer of Aviation Management

Globally there are many universities and institutions that offer a Degree in Aviation Management. However, it is hard to identify program structures and what would be offer in each course. The following is a basic out-line of a number of Universities or Institutions that offers a Bachelor of Aviation Management.

Massey University

University and institution Massey University
Country New Zealand, Palmerston North
Degree Title Bachelor of Aviation Management
Under the School of Business
Majors offered Aviation Managment or Aviation Psychology
No. of year required. (full time) 3 years
Credit required. 360 credits
Credit per paper. 15 credits

Core Papers:

First Year Second Year Third Year
1st Semester 3rd semester 5th Semester
Aviation Studies Basic Air Safety Investigation Advanced Navigation Systems
Introduction to Flying I Environmental Impacts of Aviation Advanced Aviation Human Factors
Introduction to Flying II Introduction to Research Methods in Aviation Legal Issues in Aviation
Introduction to Management in Aviation Air Power Evaluation Methods in Aviation
Introduction to Human Factors Special Topic Heavy Aeroplane Performance II
Introductory Air Safety Investigation Aviation Special Topic Advanced Air Safety Investigation
2nd Semester 4th Semester 6th Semester
Aviation Psychology Check and Training for Airlines Managing Cultures in Aviation
Aviation Strategic Management Airline Strategic Management Contemporary Issues in Aviation Security
Heavy Aeroplane Performance Airport Planning Aviation Special Topic
Aviation Human Factors Airport Operational Management Special Topic
Instruction & Learning in Aviation Design of Airways and Air Traffic Systems Special Topic
Managing Aviation Systems Computer-Based Learning for Aviation Special Topic

Open Electives (250 credit)

Embry Riddle

University and institution Embry Riddle
Country United State of Amerca, Daytona beach, Florida
Degree Title Aviation Business Adminisration, Bachelor of science
Under the School of Science
Majors offered Aviation Management and Air Transportation
No. of year required. (full time) 4 years
Credit required. 120 Credits
Credit per paper. 3 Credits

General Education (12 papers)

Communication Theory and Skills
COM 122, 219, 222, -OR- 221
MA 111 -OR- MA 120, MA 112 -OR- MA 220
Computer Science
BA 120 -OR- IT 109
Physical and Life Sciences
(One course must include a laboratory.)
PS 101-109, PS 142, PS 302, PS 308, PS 309
HU 140 Series
Social Sciences
EC 210, EC 211
Humanities/Social Sciences
HU 300-400 Level, HF 300, PSY 350, SS 302-360

Program Support (4 papers)

AS 120 Principles of Aeronautical Science
BA 221 Advanced Computer Based Systems
MA 222 Business Statistics
MA 320 Decision Math

Business Core (12 papers)

BA 201 Principles of Management
BA 210 Financial Accounting
BA 220 Marketing
BA 225 Business Law
BA 312 Managerial Accounting
BA 317 Organizational Behavior
BA 320 Business Information Systems
BA 325 Social Responsibility and Ethics
BA 332 Corporate Finance
BA 335 International Business
BA 420 Management of Production and Operations
BA 436 Strategic Management

Major (7 papers)

Open Electives (5 papers)


University and institution University of New South Wales
Country Australia, Sydney
Degree Title Bachelor of Aviation (Managment), Program 3981
Under the School of Faculty of Science
Majors offered Bachelor of Aviation (Managment)
No. of year required. (full time) 3 Years
Credit required. 144 (UOC)
Credit per paper. 6(UOC)

Stage 1 (First Year): AVEN1920 Intro Aircraft Eng (6 UOC), AVIA1321 Foundations of Aviation (6 UOC), AVIA1401 Introduction to Human Factors (6 UOC), AVIA1901 Airline Economics (6 UOC)

MATH1031 Mathematics for Life Sciences (6 UOC), MATH1041 Stats for Life & Soc Sciences (6 UOC), PHYS1149 Physics 1A (Aviation) (6 UOC), ECON1101 Microeconomics 1 (6 UOC) or PHYS1211 Energy and Environmental Phys (6 UOC)

Stage 2 (Second Year)
AVIA2401 Aviation Law and Regulations (6 UOC), AVIA2501 Airline Marketing Strategies (6 UOC), AVIA2801 Regional & General Aviation (6 UOC), General Education courses totalling (6 UOC)

AVEN2230 Aviation Technologies (6 UOC), AVIA2601 Aviation Operations Research (6 UOC), AVIA2701 Av. Security & Airport Mgmt. (6 UOC), MGMT2721 Managing People (6 UOC)

Stage 3 (Third year)
AVIA3101 Airline Management (6 UOC), AVIA3201 Airline Resource Management (6 UOC), AVIA3401 Av Safety & Resource Mgmt (6 UOC), AVIA3710 Aviation Research Methods (6 UOC)

General Eduation courses totalling 6 UOC, Further elective courses totaling 6 UOC, Choose 18 UOC from:, AVEN3430 Aviatn Main Tech & Opertns (6 UOC), AVEN3940 Aircraft Eval & Desn Appr (6 UOC), AVIA3301 Sim Appl. & Air Traffic Mgmt (6 UOC), AVIA3851 Airport Management 2 (6 UOC), SESC3601 Safety,Health & Env.Mgmt.Sys. (6 UOC)||


University and institution International Universitiy of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef-Bonn
Country Germany, Bonn
Degree Title Aviation Management- Bachelor of Art
Under the School of Bachelor of Art
Majors offered Aviation management
No. of year required. (full time) 3 years
Credit required. Unkown
Credit per paper. Unkown
First Year
1st Semester 2nd Semester
Air Navigation Services National and Internatinoal Aviation Organizations
Aviation Economics and Policy Airline Management
Introdution to Avition management Airport Management
Aviation Project I Avition Intellignece
Mathematics Aviation Project II
Statistics Microeconomics
Introdution to Research Methods Integrated Service Management
Business Communication Introduction to Financial Accounting
Introduction to Academic English Introduction to Business English
Computer Training
Second Year
3rd Semester 4th Semester
Airline Business Models Internship
Aviation Project III
Ground services
Air Cargo Management
Logistic for Integrators
Marketing Strategy and Planning
Financial Management
Management and Cost Accounting
Advanced English writing
Third Year
5th Semester 6th semester
Aviation law Controling Airlines and Airports
Yield Management Financial Management Airlines OR Financial Management Airport
Network Management Avition Project IV
Slot Management Aviation and Enviroment
Airline Marketing OR Airport Marketing Airline Management Simulation Game
National Law Dissertation Research Seminar
International Law
Project Management

Bachelor Thesis & Colloquium.

1. The University of New South Wales (2010). Handbook 2011, Undergradute Aviation (Management) 3981.
2. Massey University (2010). Bachelor of Aviation Management (BAvMan)-2010.
2. Embry-Riddle, Aeronautical University (2010). Aviation Bussiness Administration, Bachelor of Science
2. Broaden Your Horizon, Aviation Management (2010). Aviation Management - Bachelor of Art

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