Team Resource Management (TRM)
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Team Resource Management (TRM) strives to fully utilise all available resources information data, tools/equipments/aids and human appropriately, in order to achieve the optimal efficiency and safety level of Air Traffic Control (ATC) services. Similar to the principles used in Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Maintenance Resource Management (MRM) training programmes for flight crew/ cabin crew and aviation maintenance sectors, TRM was dedicated for ATC services by acknowledging that a large number of operational mishaps are linked to in human users’ teamwork and performance incapability. The prototype TRM training programme is created by the EUROCONTROL, the international organisation responsible for managing European countries air traffic services.

Current TRM training programme modules include:

1) Team Cooperation

2) Individual Responsibilities in a Team

3) Intercommunication

4) Displaying Good Situational Awareness

5) Executing Effective Decision Making

6) Stress (Psychological & Physiological) Management

7) Effective Management of Violation & Error

8) Understanding the Influence of Computerised Automation.

The Key Human Factors Advantages of TRM include:

1) Lower the probability of incidents occurrences related to teamwork

2) Improve work effectiveness and efficiency due to greater team coordination

3) Effective and efficient utilisation of available task resources

4) Support uninterrupted and stable team work in ATC management

5) Greater work satisfaction (leading to higher motivation, dedication and focus) due to increased team coordination and cooperation


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