Single Pilot Resource Management

Single Pilot Resource Management

Single-Pilot Resource Management (SPRM or SRM) is a version of Crew Resource Management (See CRM) with a focus on single-pilot flight operations. It is a misconception that CRM training is only required for multi-crew operations, because many of the facets of CRM are applicable equally to single pilot operations. Workload management, stress management, situational awareness are equally important for the pilot in a single crew operation, even subject areas such as communication and team working skills are equally applicable to the single pilot, for example in their interaction with ground crew, maintenance, ATC and other essential services.

The National Transportation Safety Board estimates that between 70-80% of accidents in civil and military aviation are caused by human error, in general aviation this figure is greater than 90%. Although General Aviation is often considered to be a small part in the aviation industry, in the United States, General Aviation accounts for 96% of aircraft, 60% of hours flown and 94% of fatal accidents.

Single Pilot CRM covers similar context to CRM expanding on the particular areas of concern to single-pilot operations. The major areas covered being situational awareness, time and workload management, aeronautical decision making and automation management.

  • Team Members
  • Planning
  • Time Management
  • Workload Management
  • Passenger Relations
  • Communication & Decision-Making
  • Situational Awareness
  • Error Management
  • Individual Factors & Stress Reduction
  • Culture Issues
  • Accident Analysis

One major problem with targeting general aviation single pilot operators making implementing SPRM difficult is they are dispersed throughout the country as individuals or small groups. One solution was offered by the University of Western Ontario in the form of a SRM (Single-pilot Resource Management) course online (see here).

A video on Single Pilot Resource Management can be veiwed below given by FAA Operations Inspector Steve Brady.

SPRM with FAA's Steve Brady (Embedded from Youtube on 25 September 2009)

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