Communication in Aircraft Marshalling.

Safety issues of aircraft marshalling.

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Communication as an issue for marshalling.

Visual communication between the ground marshal and the pilots is a very complex issue for the safety of marshalling aircraft and helicopters. Communication as a safety issue alone is very complex, see Communication in Aviation and Types of Communication.

However communication of the visual kind in this context requires a level of common knowledge shared by both the pilot and the ground marshaller. This is set out by ICAO and is standard globally. The issue of the communication comes when either of the two communicating parties (either the pilot or the marshaller) fail to use SOP's when marshalling causing confusion for the other party. Communication then breaks down and the opportunity for incidents or accidents increases.

Power in the communication is an important issue for marshalling. The issue of power is also relevant in the marshalling of aircraft and helicopters because the power usually solely with the the captain of the aircraft is dictated to by the ground marshaller. This may contribute to the high statistics of pilots failing to adhere to the ground marshaller and resulting in property and possibly human accidents.

Consequences of bad communication.

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Unsafe Marshalling techniques (but funny).

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