Phases of a commercial flight
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A) Loading passenger => This is when passengers are going in to the plane.

B) Taxiing out => Aircraft are going to the runway. Sometimes they are being pushed back by a specially designed car iorder to save fuel.

C) Taking off => This is one of the most crucial times of any flight. A simple problem occurs during this stage could be fatal.

D) Cruising => During this stage, commercial pilots are advised to use automatic pilot, as it reduces movement which will consume less petrol.

E) Approaching down => This is the step before the aircraft finally touch down. This step is so crucial to any flight. Pilots will do their checks for landing during this phrase.

F) Taxiing in and parking => Taxiing in is when the plane is going to a gate. In some planes, passengers are allowed to turn on their cellphones while the plane is taxiing in.

As the pilots will find difficulties in seeing the surroundings, there will be ground floor staff who will be giving them direction of where to park the plane by using certain codes (shown in the video below).

Once the plane parks, the pilots will then tell the passengers that they have arrived and now they can go to the terminal.

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