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NOSE is a common term used in New Zealand aviation by pilots between each other (instructor to student) and often to themselves when flying VFR. It is an acronym that stands for North - Odd South – Even (+500) which refers to altitudes and flight levels that an aircraft should fly at when flying a particular direction. For when travelling long cross country flights to allow separation.
This is a rule for pilots to allow for safe flight. It applies to aircraft that are flying at an altitude at or above 3000ft AMSL or 1000ft AGL whichever is greatest.

- When flying NORTH (Any Magnetic Track from 270° to 089°) you should be flying at an ODD numbered altitude +500ft.
- When flying SOUTH (Any Magnetic Track from 090° to 269°) you should fly at an EVEN numbered altitude +500ft.


This is important because it allows for at least 1000 feet separation between aircraft heading in opposite directions

Walter and John Wagtendonk (JAN 2010) Air Law 11-6

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