Multi-Crew Pilot License (5)

Global Training Providers and their corresponding Airline Clients

Some of the Flight Training Organisations (in alphabetical order)
(This list is by no means complete and serves to show a few examples.)

Alpha Aviation Group in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Philippines.

Alteon (Boeing’s training provider) in Brisbane facilities (Australia) – works with China’s Xiamen Airlines (B737) & China Eastern Airlines (B737).

Flight Training Europe in Spain – works with United Kingdom’s Flybe (Bombardier Dash 8)

Moncton Flight College (MFC) (member of CAE Global Academy) in New Brunswick (Canada) works with Malaysia’s Air Asia (A320).

Oxford Aviation Academy (OAA) in United Kingdom.

ST Aviation Training Academy (STATA) in Singapore and Australia.

Thai Flight Training Academy in Thailand.

Sterling Airline from Denmark was the pioneer to employ MPL pilots (B737-rated) in September 2007.
Germany, China, Canada, the Philippines and Singapore are among the countries with MPL initiatives.

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