Madrid Barajas Airport
Madrid-Barajas Airport is Madrid's main airport and the most important airport in Spain. It is also the main hub for Iberia. The airport is also known as Barajas Airport or, simply, Barajas, and has codes MAD (as per IATA) and LEMD (as per ICAO). The airport has four main terminals. Terminals 1, 2 and 3 host SkyTeam and Star Alliance airlines, while Terminal 4 hosts Iberia and other Oneworld partners. Barajas is a fair airport, holding 3 stars in Skytrax's official ranking (Skytrax 2010a1), and showing fair-to-good reviews by passengers (2010b2), who have been satisfied with the airport, in general, (6/10), especially with queuing (6/10) and cleanliness (7/10), but not with its facilities (4/10).
220px-Barajas_terminal_1_interior_2008.jpg 220px-Aeropuerto.Barajas.Interior1.jpg 220px-Madrid_barajas_aeropuerto_terminal_t4.jpg 220px-Barajas_interior6.jpg
Terminal 1 (image embedded from Wikipedia on 27 April 2010) Terminal 3 (image embedded from Wikipedia on 27 April 2010) Terminal 4 (image embedded from Wikipedia on 27 April 2010) Terminal 4 (image embedded from Wikipedia on 27 April 2010)
Services/facilities. Barajas Airport is opened 24hr, but not all facilities are so (most opening from 6:00 until approximately 23:00). The airport provides services such as currency exchange, banking and cash machines, luggage lockers, beauty and spa center, medical center and pharmacies, children play area, prayer rooms, business center, post office as well as opportunities for shopping and dinning (Tourist Guide, 20103). Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are close to each other and accessible by walking, while a free shuttle buses connect them and Terminal 4. Barajas Airport does not have hotels or sleeping facilities on site. If visiting, you can travel the 10 km from the airport to Madrid city by metro, train, bus or taxi.
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