LOSA-members involved in a LOSA process

Airline Departments

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Many of the problem areas that are identified during a LOSA must be addressed by these departments,especially the management and training departments, if they’re a part of the process, there will be a sense of ownership and will be invested in the results.(The University of Texas, 20041)

Pilots' Association or group

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Leaders of the associations must be involved in the LOSA process from the beginning, they are the essential support for line pilots accepting LOSA observer on board. The association or group can also help disseminate the results of LOSA and inform the pilots as to the company's plans as a result of the LOSA. (The University of Texas, 20041)

LOSA Coordinator & Steering Committee

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They're the formal channel to publicise LOSA to all line pilots; decide size and focuse of LOSA, select observers, and collect data on a secure site. They have many tasks and logistic reponsibilities including:

  • Publicize the upcoming LOSA in pilot newsletters to build awareness.
  • Distribute a letter to all line pilots explaining the purpose of LOSA.
  • Decide the size and focus of LOSA.
  • Select the observers, organise their schedules and set up observer training.
  • Organise a secure site for collection of the observation forms and data analysis.

(The University of Texas, 20041)


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Observers occupy the cockpit jump-seat and capture data in cockpit without being obtrusive or interfering with the crew’s performance.

Line Pilots

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The most important element in a LOSA, line pilots' performance will be observed and data collected by observers.

Data analyst and report writer

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Data analyst and report writer should work together to prepare a report of the findings to be presented to management and pilots.

1. The University of Texas. (2004). LOSA Advisory Circular. Retrieved from
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