Line Operations Safety Audit

What is a LOSA

Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) is a human factor process that is build around Threat and Error Management (TEM) framework, a particular strength of LOSA is by monitoring a normal scheduled flight from the cockpit, the observer collects information or data about flight crew behaviour and strategies for managing threats, errors and unexpected situations. Data collection in LOSA is confidential and non-jeopardy, and provides a diagnostic snapshot of strengths and weaknesses that an airline can use to reinforce its safety margins and prevent degradation, also be used as model for crew resource management training. (The University of Texas, 20041)

LOSA and aviation safety

  • Human factors in aviation safety
  • Organisational factors in aviation safety
  • Airline safety data sources
  • LOSA as a proactive safety measure

For more information, please check out LOSA-Human factors & Safety

Who's involved in a LOSA

  • Departments
  • Pilots' Association or group
  • LOSA coordinator & Steering committee
  • Observers
  • Line Pilots
  • Data analyst and report writer

Members involved in a LOSA provided a detailed information on members involved in a LOSA process.

LOSA methodology

  • Ten operating characteristics of LOSA
  • Key steps to set up a LOSA

You can find full information on LOSA Methodology


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1. The University of Texas. (2004). LOSA Advisory Circular. Retrieved from on 17 August 2009.

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