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The ICAO formally addressed the Human Factors issue since 1986, when ICAO has adopted Assembly Resolution A26-9 (ICAO, 2011)1. One of the methods chosen to comply with Assembly Resolution A26-9 is the publication of guidance materials, manuals and a Human Factors Digests, which are addresses different aspects of Human Factors. The ICAO has issued the following manuals on Human Factors:

Name of the ICAO Manual
Doc 9683. Human Factors Training Manual
Doc 9758. Human Factors Guidelines for Air Traffic Management (ATM) Systems
Doc 9803 Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA)
Doc 9806 Human Factors Guidelines for Safety Audits Manual
Doc 9808 Human Factors in Civil Aviation Security Operations
Doc 9824 Human Factors Guidelines for Aircraft Maintenance Manual
1. ICAO (2011). International Civil Aviation Organization Flight Safety and Human Factors Programme Retrieved October 14, 2011, from http://www.icao.int/anb/humanfactors/index.html

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