Drug and Alcohol Management Programme

Christchurch Engine Centre (CHCEC) introduces DAMP (Drug and Alcohol Management Programme). The program’s objective is to teach all employees to maintain all workplace safety and to increase employee’s awareness of drug and alcohol not just inside the workplace but outside the workplace as well. It can also intervene early before the employee’s condition has progressed to the stage of displaying obvious effects. CHCEC knows the effects of alcohol and drugs in a Safety Conscious environment such as the aviation transport industry and it places the highest priority on managing safety. CHCEC is committed on minimizing the impact of alcohol and drugs on its working environment. It also recognises the alcohol/ drug dependence affect employee wellbeing and safety, and as such should be mostly manage as health and safety issue.
Employees are strongly encouraged to provide an open declaration of possible alcohol and drug abuse or dependency to the company before they affect the health, safety or work performance. Any such employees may be given rehabilitation support by the company.
Every employee is required to maintain a zero blood alcohol level and they must be drug free at all times while at work. A zero blood alcohol level is regarded as a breath alcohol of 20 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood.


Drugs are defined as any substance or medications, either legal or illegal, which are capable of causing dependency, alteration of mood, or impairment of judgment, concentration or coordination.


Alcoholic beverages are any drink that contains ethanol also known as alcohol. Alcohol has a depressant effect on every individual. Beers, wines and spirits are the three general types of alcohol beverage.

Pure Alcohol Strength by Volume Standard Drinks
Beers 4% 300 ml
Wines 12% 100 ml
Spirits 40% 30 ml

The programme will introduce alcohol breath test or urine sample collection such as:

Pre-employment Testing

Every candidate is required to undergo the test. They must return negative results before being employed and positive results means the job offer will be withdrawn.

Random Testing

Where a significant accident, incident or near miss occurs, all employees directly involved should be tested. Every employee who is observed to use alcohol or drugs at work will be tested. Any refusal may be subject to an investigation by the company.

CHCEC DAMP will help on the rehabilitation on affected employees. Rehabilitation may include an initial assessment followed by counselling sessions; leave for employees to attend a rehabilitation program will be given. Affected employees can also carry out alternative duties should it be deemed appropriate and the duties are available. If the rehabilitation or treatment is successful, an agreement will be the starting point for returning to work and on-going follow-up will be provided. Rehabilitation can be a long term recovery.


The fact that CHCEC DAMP’s objective is to make our workplace safe, make every employee aware of the danger on alcohol and drugs; and give a helping hand if needed, there’s still a lot of question or concern on part of every employee and employees to be as these testing (pre-employment and random testing) are not compulsory to every companies here in New Zealand; and it can also raise a great concern on privacy of each induvidual.

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