Colour Blindness

What is colour blindness???

Colour blindness is a colour vision deficiency. It is a condition that you aren’t able to perceive differences between some of the colours that other people can distinguish. Causes are most commonly from an inherited condition, eye, nerve, and brain damage, or due to UV damage.

How does this affect you as a "Pilot"???

Undoubtedly, one of most important aspects of safe flying is good vision! Many pilots with color vision deficiency don't know they have it, this becasue color blind will not effect their daily lives. However, one of pilot's task is associated with recognizing aircraft position lights, light-gun signals, airport beacons, approach-slope indicators, and also chart symbols. These activities also depend on colour coding, for example, colour-gun signaling of aircraft that have lost radio communication. Therefore, flight safety will depend upon pilot’s eyes.

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Can Colour blind people still fly?

Good news! being colour blind probably won't stop you in this area!

Colour blind people are still able to fly, but with some restrictions, such as not valid for night flying or by colour signal control.
There are several types of vision tests, including medical standard tests( the Ishihara and Dvorine) and the specialized tests.
If you failed the standard tests, your medical certificate will state that “Not valid for night flying or by colour signal control".
However, you still can apply to the relevant flight medical authority to take specialized tests.
Once you pass the test, the restriction on your certificate will be removed, and will be issued a "Statement Of Demonstrated Ability" (SODA), instead.

To ensure you are not a color vision abnormality, please let's test for colour blindness NOW!

(Video embedded from YouTube on 9 September 2009)
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