Characteristics of Effective Learning

Characteristics for Effective Learning

  • Meaningful

Information should be meaningful and should relate to prior knowledge of the student. Lessons should also use building blocks with links between lessons, its theses links that help to reinforce past lessons and set the scene for future lessons.

  • Purposeful

For lessons its more effective if the student wants to learn and the teacher want to teach

  • Active

For the lesson to be more effective there must be student participation, also the teaching style needs to be interesting and entertaining in order to keep the students attention.
feedback, interaction and sharing ideas are also effective ways to keep the students active.

  • Multi faced

The student learns more if the teacher uses multiple senses to convey the information.
senses such as: sight, hearing and touch can be used for this.
it is also important to note that we remember
20% of what we can hear
40% of what we can hear and see
60% of what we can hear see and do
80% of what we have to teach

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