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PrivatAir is an airline based at Geneva International Airport in Switzerland. PrivatAir specializes in scheduled and charter flights, operating only premium class jets, from turboprop Beech1900D to Boeing 767. Privatair has Hubs in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich (Germany) and in Zurich (Switzerland). Privatairs services are generally aimed at aimed at the high-end leisure and business traveller. Customers range from celebrities from the arts, sports and entertainment industries, successful businessmen, royalty and public officials, as well as private aircraft owners.

1. Establishing the brand

  • In June 1995, PrivatAir received its Swiss Air Operator Certificate from the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, and three years later the company placed an order for two Boeing Business Jets
  • Privatair is the first commercial operator in the world utilise Boeing Business Jets.

2. Premium Quality Service

  • In December 1998, PrivatAir S.A. became Europe’s first airline whose quality system fulfilled the IS09002 certification standards for all its services.
  • In August 2000, PrivatAir S.A. acquired the US Flight Services Group (FSG), following which PrivatAir’s Gulfstream IV was transferred into the US market.

3. The Privatair Group

  • In 2001 the PrivatAir Group was formed.
  • In the following year, PrivatAir began operating sixday a week, non-stop service flight for Lufthansa between Düsseldorf and New York’s Newark International Airport on its 48-seat Boeing Business Jet.
  • In 2003 PivatAir acquired two newAirbus A319 LR aircraft to operate similar point-to-point services for Lufthansa between Munich - Newark and Düsseldorf - Chicago.
  • Following the success of this business-class only concept, two other services were launched in 2005, one on behalf of Swiss International Airlines between Zurich and Newark on a 56-seat Boeing Business Jet 2 and one for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines between Amsterdam and Houston on a 44- seat Boeing Business Jet 1

4. Private Charter

  • highest standards in airline security, in safety procedures, in ultra-personal service, and discretion
  • focus on business leaders, professionals, diplomats, heads of state, royal family members and private individuals
  • unlimited operations in Europe and the U.S., as well as the most direct routes across the Atlantic and Pacific.
  • flying with PrivatAir allows you to choose domestic and international itineraries that would not be possible with scheduled airlines.
  • travel in total privacy, into and out of more than 5,000 airports around the world

5. Private Airline Service

  • Joint operations with Air France-KLM, Lufthansa and Swiss International Air
  • Intercontinental business class only
  • Point to point service
  • Use of satellite airports in Zurich, Amsterdam, Newark, Houston, Frankfurt, Munich and Dubai

6. Aircraft sales and acquisition

  • Development of aircraft marketing and advertising plans
  • Market searches and comparative aircraft evaluations
  • Pre-purchase inspection definition, coordination and monitoring
  • Contract negotiation, aircraft acceptance, delivery and registration

7. Around the World Tours and Golf Tours

  • In Spring 2006 PrivatAir operated on behalf of VIP tour agency Intrav
  • Luxury style Boeing 767
  • Global scope of travel
  • Truly an around-the-world tour (New York, Las Vegas, Chiang Mai, Cairo, Singapore, Edinburgh, Cochin)
  • visiting the greenest and most prestigious golf courses in the world,
  • starting in London and venturing onto the fairways in Bermuda, Mexico, Las Vegas, Pebble Beach, Maui, Sydney, Ayers Rock, Bali, Kathmandu, Agra and Dubai.
  • starry-eyed individuals at ticket prices from £37,000
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