Boeing 787 Advancements

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, is a twin engine, medium sized aircraft owned and distributed by Boeing Company. The aircraft is an advancement in history with its upgraded ergonomic design and stylish passenger comfort.


B787’s Introduction to Advancements

With its new composite skin and sculptured structure, The Boeing 787 is the most technologically advanced commercial aeroplane in history. Due to it partly made of plastic components, It Offers a lighter but stronger and more aerodynamic structure then previous models designed and distributed by Boeing and the 787 is designed to be quieter and more fuel-efficient than other commercial jets. This allows carriers to bypass hubs and whisk many more passengers point to point faster and cheaper, and advance on new levels with in-flight comfort.

The Key features of Boeing 787 that show advancements from other aircraft:

  • 20% more fuel efficient that other models
  • The plane itself is smaller in size but the same speed as a Boeing 747 and can travel longer distances
  • The costs of maintaining the aircraft are 32% less
  • Uses about 40% less power yet still maintaining speed standards
  • The aircraft is made out of plastic materials- cheaper and lighter
  • larger over-head bins
  • The windows are 65% larger then all other aircraft and instead of window shades they are fitted with tinters
  • Turbulance is minimised as there are systems that work to counter vertical and horizontal movement in turbulent air

Another huge advancement (which has interactions within the Human Factors sector), in aviation history with the upgrade of the boeing aircraft is the decrease in the jetlag feeling after flying. Everybody knows that you get a general "uugh" feeling after a long flight, often dying to get to the showers. That's because the cabin is pressurized to a fairly high altitude, in other aircraft this is around 8,000 feet. The Boeing 787, however, is pressurized to 6,000 feet, this means that your body doesn't have as much trouble adapting to the increase in hight- now that's impressive!


Family Facts

There will be four variants of the 787:

  • The 787-8 - 250 passengers
  • The 787-3 - 330 passengers
  • The 787-9 -290 passengers
  • An even larger 787-10 is expected later still.

B787’s Interior

The interior of the Boeing 787 has certain advancements which are specifically designed to increase comfort of travellers.

  • Watch this video to Take a tour of the Boeing 787 interior.
(Video embedded from YouTube on 2nd April 2010)

B787’s Exterior Advancements

The Two major features of the B787 are the engines and the composite material of plastic which is used in substitution of the conventional aircraft building material.

  • Engine:

The engines are specially designed by General Electric and Rolls-Royce.

  • Composite material:

The advanced design of the Boeing 787 provides a new look at technologies available which are to be further advanced in the future.
We can expect to see further developments of which will make history.


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