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Airports consist of many different areas. Below is the explanation of each of those, as well as some pictures to help the readers to get a better view.

A) Runway Runway is where planes, or helicopters land, taxi, and take off. This area is prohibited to unauthorised persons. Out of all the airport infrastructure, runways use the most land 800px-Midway_Airport_(USGS).png
Terminal building
A) Terminal Building There are two types of terminals: International (for international flights) and Domestic Terminal (for local flights). shinyt3.jpg
B) Duty Free Duty free normally present on International Airport only. Duty free has been one of the biggest source of revenue for international airports. It is a unique feature of international airports that attract many passengers. In duty free, all the products sold are tax free. bond.jpg
C) Check in Counter This is the place where passengers issue their boarding passes as well as check in their luggage. 2701577369_e506628378.jpg
D) Immigration This point is the last point where guests can be at airports. Only passengers who are leaving the country are allowed to pass this point. In this point passengers' tickets and passports will be checked. When passengers dont have clearance from the immigration authorities, they cant leave the country, even if they got their boarding pass already. beijing_airport_t3_16.jpg
E) Security Check X-Ray This is where aiports security scan and check all carry-on luggage along with the passengers as well. Any dangerous goods will not be allowed to pass this point. If they found that passengers carry dangerous goods, they will be asked to throw them away. airport-inspection-1b.jpg
F) Bar and Foodcourt It is the placewhere passengers can purchase beverages and food. This area is the most common place where passengers spend the most time while waiting for their flight. piquillo_jetblue.jpg
G) Hotels Some modern airports are equipped with hotels inside the terminal building as well. The target market for this would be the stay-overnight passengers. It will be advantageous for them as they would not need to travel to another place to find a hotel. gig.jpg
H) Business Lounge Business Lounge has never been as important as what it is today. Although most of the lounges belong to airlines, not the airport, they are still crucial facilities to any airports. In a lounge, there will normally be a phone, fax, wireless internet connection, bar, and sometimes a meeting room. The lounge is crucial for business passenger, as they normally look for a quiter place to work.

Air Traffic Controller Tower
ATC This is where the air traffic controllers control the movement of all aircraft traffic at an airport. This area is prohibited to unauthorised persons. Similar to airport authorities, those who work as air traffic controllers will need to go thru security check first. esd_eq3.jpg
Car Park
Car Park It is where guests park their cars. Car park has becoming more and more significant to airports, as they bring quite big income. The downturn is that sometimes they take too much space and require much funds to build. AirportCarpark.jpg []
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