Airbus A320 family
The A320 family includes the A318, A319, A320, and A321, aircraft that share a similar cockpit layout and operating procedures (Airbus, 20101). The E series, which can be any of the A320 family aircraft, identify the aircraft as "Enhanced", meaning it may have new engines, winglets and/or a cabin redesigned for increased comfort and reduced noise. (Image: A319-132 of US Airways -embedded from Wikipedia on 19 April 2010) 300px-US_Airways_A319-132_LAS_N822AW.jpg
The A320 family aircraft can carry between 107 and 200 passengers, depending on the series and whether the airline operates one or several class service. The cabin will have a single central aisle, separating the seats into groups of two to three seats, depending on the class. If the airline operates a first-class service, first class seats will typically occupy the front two to four rows of the aircraft. (Image: Virgin America first class on an A320E -embedded from Wikipedia on 19 April 2010) 220px-Virgin_America_first_class.jpg
If the airline operates a business-class service instead of first class, they may use a four-seat abreast configuration separated into two groups of two seats by the aisle, or a six-seat abreast, separated into two groups of three seats, at the front of the aircraft. This class may be separated from economy class either by a rigid partition and curtains, or a simple curtain. (Image: Indian Airlines executive class on an A320 -embedded from Wikimedia Commons on 20 April 2010) 800px-Indian_Airlines_executive_class_cabin.JPG
Economy class will typically occupy most of the aircraft, right after the first/business class section. A rigid partition and curtains, or a simple curtain, will separate economy class from other classes. Notice that if the airline may have the ability to increase or decrease the size of the economy class by moving the rigid partition and/or curtains. If the airline uses a mobile rigid division for this purpose, passengers in economy class right after the division may find a narrower leg distance and a blocked space in front of them. TV screens, if provided, may be a portable one. The A320 family also has low-mounted wings, thus impairing the outside view to those passengers seating near the wings. Yet, emergency windows are also by the wings, which may provide extra space to the lucky passengers seating on those rows. Aircraft used for short haul may not provide any entertainment to economy passengers. The E series may incorporate touchscreen displays per seat and LED lights in the cabin. (Image: Easy Jet economy class on an A320 -embedded from Wikipedia on 19 April 2010) 220px-EasyJet_A321_Cabin_G-TTIF.jpg
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