Northwest Airlines Flight 255 - Cockpit Chaos


On 16 August, 1987, a Northwest Airlines Flight 255, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82 passenger plane was scheduled to fly from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport to Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona for a stopover. Due to the weather condition, the Tower Controller instructed Flight 255 to the take-off on Runway 3C instead. The MD-82 took-off on Runway 3C which is the shortest runway of the 3 and began to roll from left to right at the height of 50 feet above the ground. The aircraft went into a stall, struck a light pole and crashed.

There were a chain of events that links to this tragic accident. The video clips will illustrate the chain of events and what measures could have prevented his tragic accident.

Air Crash Investigation Video

Video embedded from YouTube on 1 October 2011 (see Cineflix1)

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