Iran Air flight 655 - Mistaken identity
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An Iran Air scheduled passenger flight on an Airbus 300B2 – IR655 was flying from Iran to Dubai international Airport on 3rd July 1988. The Iranian flight IR 655 flew over the Sea Battle between two Military ships. The United States Navy misidentified the IR 655 was a airliner from their radar, instead, they thought they were being threaten by a F-14A Tomcat from Iran , IR655 got shot down and destroyed by the United States Navy’s guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes over the Strait of Hormuz. No one from Iranian flight IR 655 survived, a total of 290 people got killed including 16 cabin and flight crews.

The cause of this tragedy was primarily because the Captain of the US Military commander was being too aggressive to the surrounded environments, and the commander of the US Navy assumed that the airliner was a Military aircraft due to the IFF signals of the aircraft that they received were exactly match with the mode of an F- 14. As a result of this, the US Military commander made a decision to fire the aircraft. The pilots had no idea that they were misidentified during the flight. The Captain’s body of IR 655 was never recovered.

Accident video

(Video embedded from YouTube on 6 October 2011- see Cineflix, undated1)
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Iran Air flight 655
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