Garuda Indonesia Flight 200


Garuda Indonesia Flight 200 (GA-200) was a domestic flight from Indonesia's hub airport Bandara Soekarno Hatta International Airport to Yogyakarta Adi Sucipto Airport on 7 March 2007. The aircraft was a Boeing 737-400 that had 133 passengers and 7 crew members on board.
Captain Muhammad Marwoto Komar, was designated Pilot Flying while his first officer was pilot monitoring.
When the aircraft was 10.1 miles from Yogyakarta Airport Runway 09, the crew was given clearance for a visual approach. The Captain acknowledge the clearance but instead continued on a instrument precision approach. The recommended top of descent altitude was 2500 feet but the crew found themselves almost 1500feet above profile. The captain descended the aircraft quickly, causing airspeed to rise dangerously. During the approach, the Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) alerts and warnings sounded 15 times and the copilot called for the PIC to go around. On approach with only 5 degrees of flap (operational recommendations was full flap of 40 degrees), the aircraft was decending at 283 knots, almost 100 knots over the recommended approach speed.

The aircraft eventually touched down on Runway 09 at 221 knots, 87 knots faster than landing speed with full flaps. At this point of time the co-pilot once again urged the captain to go aroud but he refused. The boeing 737 eventually overran the threshold of the runway, cross a road and crashed into a paddy field. The collapsed nose wheel was believed to have been the ignition source that left the aircraft in flames. 21 passengers and 1 crew member were lost as a result of the crash.

Aviation crash video

Video embedded from YouTube on 23 March 2009 (See ABCNews, 20071)

Flight information

Date: 7 March 2007
Type: Boeing 737-497
Operator: Garuda Indonesia Airways
Registration: PK-GZC

Crew: 1 of 7
Passengers: 20 of 133
Total: 21 of 140
Airplane damage: Destroyed/Written off (damaged beyond repair)
Location: Yogyakarta-Adisutjipto Airport
Departure airport: Jakarta-Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Indonesia
Destination airport: Yogyakarta-Adisutjipto Airport , Indonesia
Flightnumber: GA200

Further information

After investigations by the National Transport Safety Council, the attributing factors were determined to have been:

1. Poor Crew Resource Management at the flight deck, resulting in insufficient flap use on approach that compromised the safety of the flight.

2. The captain flew the aircraft at steep angle of decent and excessive speeds and did not abort the approach when stabilised approach criteria was not met

3. The pilot in command did not act on the 15 GPWS alerts and warnings, and the two calls from the copilot to go around.

4. Garuda Indonesia had a company policy that gave the co pilot authority to take control of the aircraft (which he clearly did not) when the captain ignored the co pilot insisted to adopt go around procedure.

5. Garuda did not provide simulator training for its Boeing 737 flight crews covering vital actions and required responses to GPWS and EGPWS alerts

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Knowledge Management Space

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Air Safety Week (07-03-2007) 'Garuda 737 Crash Claims at least 21 Passengers' 737-Crash-Claims-at-least-21-Passengers_9418.html retrieved 22-03-2009

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