Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 & DHL Flight 611: mid-air collision


On July 1, 2002, Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937, registration RA-85816, was a Tupolev 154M passenger jet en route from Moscow, Russia, to Barcelona, Spain. DHL Flight 611, registration A9C-DHL, was a Boeing 757-200 cargo jet flying from Bergamo, Italy, to Brussels, Belgium. The two aircraft collided in mid-air on at 21:35 (UTC) over Überlingen, Germany (near Lake Constance), killing all 71 aboard both aircraft. German investigators determined that the accident had been caused by problems within the air traffic control system and the controller who was on duty at the time, Peter Nielsen. A detailed analysis of the event can be found here.

Aviation crash video

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Video embedded from YouTube on 18 August 2011 (see Cineflix, undated1)

Information on this Accident

Date: 1 July 2002
Operators: DHL and Bashkirian Airlines
Flight Numbers: DHL611 and BTC2937
Aircraft types: Boeing 757-200 and Tupolev 154M
Tail Numbers: A9C-DHL and RA-85816
Crew: 2 and 9
Passengers: 0 and 60
Fatalities: 71
Survivors: 0
Origins: Bergamo, Italy and Moscow, Russia
Destinations: Brussels, Belgium and Barcelona, Spain

1. CINEFLIX (undated). Deadly crossroads. Air Crash Investigations, Undated. Retrieved from YouTube on 18 August 2011.

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