British Midland Flight 092: pilot error
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On 8th January 1989, British Midland Flight 092, a Boeing 737-400, experienced problems with one of its engines while on flight. However, due to a confluence of structural design, crew little experience with this type of aircraft and human error, the crew ended up sutting down the only operational engine believing it was the damaged one. Eventually, the aircraft could not make it to the airport, and crashed onto the embankment of a motorway near Kegworth (Leicestershire, UK) (Wikipedia, undated2).

This occurrence, together with a couple other incidents suffered by different airlines using the Boeing 737-400, uncovered a design flaw with the engine fan blades, which made them susceptible to fracture while on flight (National Geographic, 20051).

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(Video embedded from YouTube on 14 November 2011 —see National Geographic, 20051)
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