Air France Flight 296: fly-by-wire crash


Air France Flight 296 was a chartered flight of a newly-delivered fly-by wire Airbus A320-111 operated by Air France. It was to perform a charter flight on behalf of the Mulhouse Flying Club. As part of the air show it was scheduled to fly over Mulhouse-Habsheim Airport at a low speed with landing gear and flaps extended, at an altitude of 100 ft. It took off at 2:41pm(14:41) and climbed to 1000 feet. The crew started the descent three minutes later. The first officer informed the captain that the aircraft was reaching 100ft at 14:45:14. The descent continued to 50ft 8 seconds later and further to 30-35ft. Go-around power was added at 14.45:35. The A320 continued and touched trees at the end of the runway at 14:45:40. The aircraft was totally destroyed by consequent impacts and a violent fire which erupted. Three passengers died. The cause of the accident is disputed, as many irregularities were later revealed by the accident investigation

Aviation crash video

Video embedded from YouTube on 27 April 2009 (see Discovery Channel, undated)1

Flight information

**Date: June 26, 1988
Time: 14:45
Location: Habsheim, France
Operator: Air France
Flight number: 296Q
Route: Basel - Basel
AC type: Airbus A320-111
Aboard: 136 (passengers: 130, crew:6)
Fatalities: 3 (passengers: 3, crew:0)
Survivors: 133
Reason: Pilot Error (disputed)

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